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Comes equipped with rear polyurethane wheels and an 8.5” air front tire mounted on an aluminum rim. If you are a beginner, this is a great place to start. Poly wheels have less rolling resistance and most learn quicker on the poly wheels (if used on smooth pavement). Once acclimated, most convert to all air tires to handle rougher pavement.


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When it comes to bigger kids and adults, look no further than the T78cs as an excellent, full-size starter. With a front 8.5″ air tire and 7″ polyurethane rear wheels, it lets you easily discover why so many people have come to love the fluid Trikke carving ride. A durable steel frame with adjustable handlebar height allows riders 12+ years old to ride with confidence. The front air tire provides more cushion and grip, while the hard rear wheels have less rolling resistance and help new riders find the “sweet spot” of acceleration. You’ll be enjoying an incredible, low-impact fitness experience in no time with this model. The fun factor never gets old–which is why our fans ride their Trikkes for years and years. Plus, the T78cs also lets you upgrade all the wheels to larger polyurethane or air tires as your skills progress, giving you an exceptional value. A great model for beginners that’s also foldable, allowing for easy storage or transport.

– 7″ Polyurethane rear wheels
– 8.5″ Front Air tire
– Mounts 7″ poly, 8″ poly or 8.5″ air tires.
– Rear independent brakes
– Quickly folds with trigger lever folding mechanism
Product Weight: 23 lbs

Suggested Weight Limit: 250lbs
Suggested Height Limit Range: 5′ to 6’6″
Recommended Ages: 13+

Recommended tire pressure: 75-85 psi


You can convert the rear poly wheels into air tires. A great video that shows detailed instructions on which wheels will mount and how to install them. In depth explanations on wheel removal, relocating the brake pad, different spacers used for which wheels, brake adjustment and more.

Additional information

Weight 31 lbs
Dimensions 45 x 15 x 9 in

Specs Sheet

Spare Parts Manual


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7 reviews for T78cs

  1. 5 out of 5

    I’ve been riding an upgraded T78cs for over a year now, and have been teaching people how to ride it all over America… not just North America either. I’ve put thousands of miles on my Trikke and it’s no longer in perfect condition, but it still works and I still use it. I’m planning on concentrating on doing some writing now and of course plan to use the Trikke both for travel and exercise for as long as it holds up to such extensive use or until I can manage to get a newer one. Perhaps something with bigger wheels and a motor to help me out on those long up-hill runs or against the wind when I’m already exhausted… and yes it does get exhausting, like any good exercise does if you keep at it enough, but it also helps build endurance. When I got my Trikke modified Trikke T78cs (with all 8 inch air tires), I had certain things in mind, and the bottom line is that is has served me well and exceded my expectations. I’ve noticed that the Trikke product line has expanded during that time and in line with the kinds of suggestions I have been hearing in my travels. Please, keep up the good work. Thanks for making a quality product that is not only a functional form of transportation but also great exercise and when there’s time to enjoy it, great recreation as well… and even entertainment for many onlookers trying to figure out what makes it go.

  2. 4 out of 5

    Grandmother of 5
    My Trikke has a front air tire and solid back tires. I’ve had fun with it but still have trouble going UP an incline. When I ride for 1/2 hour, I feel pumped and happy. I’m soon to be 65 years old and am looking forward to many more healthy years carving on my Trikke!

  3. 5 out of 5

    I ordered my first Trikke, a T78, after watching the infomercial for over a year, back in the spring of 2008. I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend $500 for something I might not like, so the T78 seemed like a good deal. After I got it and learned to ride, I realized that I enjoyed it more than cycling and skating which I had done for over a half century. I quit skating, because at 65+, I felt a fall, might result in a crippling injury, and even though I taught both ice and inline …

  4. 5 out of 5

    I just wanted to tell you that I just got my Trikke today, set it up, and took it on the local paved trail, which I found was NOT completely flat! What a BLAST! I had so much fun (and got really sweaty!), plus met a lot of people who said, “What the heck is that thing?” It did take me about 15 minutes to be able to go up the gradual railroad bed incline the trail was built upon … despite the entire trail looking flat, it definitely isn’t! 🙂 My mission is to make this thing move incline or no. By the way, I’m a 50-year-old grandmother, 60 pounds overweight, and almost never exercise except in the winter when I ski! This is going to fix that problem, because all I want to do is ride, ride ride! In fact, I know an obese 13-year-old boy I’m thinking of buying one of these for!

    Love your invention–I’m going to have Trikke dreams! What will you give me if I sell a bunch? 🙂

  5. 5 out of 5

    I have been recovering from knee damage and knee surgery and consequently was integrated by the Trikke. I suspected that the Trikke would allow me to stay active and yet not inflame the bad cartilage in my knee which is made worse by bending the knee deeply. I saw the demonstration video on your website and immediately recognized that the Trikke was my ticket to freedom from confinement to a sedentary life. I almost immediately purchased my Trikke. That was about 4 weeks ago and I have riding every day for great distances — all with just negligible knee pain. I rode by one of the countless numbers of awestruck spectators who asked me to tell her about the Trikke and demonstrate how it works. She was the wife of a physical therapist who promised to tell my story to her husband. It is hard to hide my enthusiasm for this wonderful invention. Kudos for giving me my freedom back.

  6. 5 out of 5

    I am 52 (years old) and weigh 218 lbs. (please do not try to picture this in your mind, it’s not pretty)…..and I just came back from riding my first mile on my Trikke and I LOVE IT !!!! There is a 1/3 mile street loop with no traffic where I live, and by the third loop, I made it all the way without stopping. It is SO MUCH FUN. It feels much more stable and safer than inline skating (especially for my current age and weight) and it is more and better exercise than riding a bicycle (especially in flat Houston). It’s exactly the kind of “fun” exercise activity I was looking for, on my new quest for health.

    If possible, please pass this on to the designers and any other people in the company. You guys are part of the antidote to fat America. Rock and Roll !!!

  7. 5 out of 5

    I am a RN and just got this for my 10 year-old son who is more sedentary than I’d like him to be, what with the video games and electronic devices they seem to constantly have in hand! When this arrived I was so impressed with the quality of this. It is HEAVY DUTY, yet very easy to handle. It is so well made and easily put together out of the box! Nothing about it looks like it can break off of it or gimmicky, if you know what I mean. Imagine my surprise when my son jumped on this thing and was GONE! He mastered it pretty quickly and he really likes it! This doesn’t look like a scooter and it doesn’t act like one either. I like that it can travel with us with the click of a button, fold it up and put it in the trunk of the car! It will also grow with him and us as well, we just adjust the height of the handlebars, so his old “parental units” can do some carving as well! How COOL is that? Although at this rate, we aren’t getting our fair turns…I foresee a few more of these in our future!! These are really that much fun and you don’t even feel like you are exercising but RIDING on them! We take this thing for a spin around our entire neighborhood which borders a lake and that is quite a long spin but what great cardio and quality family time it is as well! And another benefit, I had some issues with a third party distributor of the Trikke so I contacted the TRIKKE manufacturer and they went out of their way to help me. Their customer service is wonderful. They took care of the issue immediately when they were not even the cause of the problem, simply because they stand behind their product. THAT is exceptional and so nice to see these days. Yep, I have no problem recommending the Trikke life to the young–and young-at-heart!

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