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The T7 Convertible is Trikke’s most affordable, adult-appropriate model, making it easier for you to get your first feel of the fluid Trikke carving motion. The quick fold mechanism has been omitted from this model to bring down the cost. Equipped with all 7” poly wheels and convertible to larger poly wheels or 8.5” air tires.



The T7 Convertible is Trikke’s most affordable, kids and adult appropriate model, making it easier for you to get your first feel of the fluid Trikke carving motion. Mid-sized, with a durable frame and adjustable handlebar height, it’s perfect for riders 8+ years old. The hard, polyurethane wheels make learning how to ride the T7 Convertible much easier and quicker. There’s less rolling resistance and newer riders can find the “sweet spot” of acceleration faster. The T7 Convertible is convertible as well, letting you upgrade the wheels to larger polyurethane or air tires as your skills progress. While the quick-fold feature has been omitted from this model (for your cost savings), it can still be folded by simply removing the front axle.

– Free DVD included
– Soft foam hand grips
– Gloss White frame with black trim
– Rear independent brakes
– 7″ Polyurethane wheels
– Wheels can be Converted to 6″, 8″ poly wheels;
or 8.5″ Air tires on aluminum rims
Product weight: 23 lbs

Suggested Weight Limit: 250lbs
Suggested Height Limit Range: 4′ to 5’8″
Recommended Ages: 8+

Additional information

Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 41 x 8 x 10 in

Specs Sheet

Spare Parts Manual


Trikke Body Powered Models Warranty

5 reviews for T7 Convertible Fitness

  1. 5 out of 5

    I love my trikke. It is a great way to exercise without putting a lot of strain on my joints. It is a lot of fun. I wish more people would own them in my area.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Here’s a free tip for you. You are too focused on being cool. I think you
    should be emphasizing the exercise/health benefits more than you are. You should be marketing more to the Boomers. It’s really the perfect no-impact full-body workout that can be done right from your own doorstep. I’m a 58 year old woman who has been trikking 20 minutes a day for over a year. In that time I’ve lost 20 pounds & 4 pants sizes, and relieved nearly all the joint pain I was having. It’s really ideal for healthy joints in knees and hips – gives you the compression without the impact of walking or jogging.
    You should be writing articles for the AARP etc. Cartilage and joint
    problems are a huge problem with this group and the Trikke is the only thing I’ve found that actually helps.

    Feel free to send me a commission if you want 😉

  3. 5 out of 5

    I own a trikke. I purchased the The T7 convertible. It took a couple of weeks to learn how to ride it – I found my sweet spot! I have had my trikke for a year now. I get the best work out ever. People literally stop me and ask ” what are you riding” ? I usually end up advertising the trikke. Not only is the trikke a good exercise tool, it is a great conversation device!

  4. 5 out of 5

    Not really old (53 1/2) but older then for whom they are designed.
    I love my Trikke and ride it for 30 minutes every day. I use it for exercise and have found it to be the BEST! I have had 2 stomach surgeries since January and have Fibromyalgia. I was looking for some sort of exercise that had no/minimal impact on my body. The Trikke 7 was the answer. I am not a light weight, in fact when I got my Trikke I weighed about 50 pounds more then I do now. The Trikke is great for burning calories, raising the metabolism and TONING. I have not fallen even once have learned the place the weight in my butt and thighs for speed and it’s not boring like walking. Thanks so much.

  5. 5 out of 5

    I am writing you to let you know how wonderful of a product you have. I am a 37 year old woman is who about 100 pounds overweight. I have never really done a lot of exercise. I have tried walking in the past but that is so boring. I have 4 children (19, 17, 12 & 6) who roller blade, skateboard, ride scooters and bikes. I really wanted to be out there with them and searched the internet for something I could ride. I saw the Trikke and decided to give it a try.

    I didn’t open it for about 2 weeks after I got it. I guess the intimidation of me not being able to ride made it hard for me to open the package. I finally got up the guts to open it. My family and I went down to the elementary school and I tried it. I didn’t get it the first time. I kept trying though and now I am a PRO!

    I ride it 6 days a week now. My oldest daughter and I go out almost every night and ride. She rides a bike and I use the Trikke. Once I get on it I don’t want to stop. I feel like I am gliding. I feel so much better, I can breathe deeper now. I will be starting a new job tomorrow and in November they will be moving about 1 mile from my home. I think I will ride it to and from work.

    Thanks for making such a great product. Even though I’m not skinny and in great shape I can still get out there and ride this with my family. Sometimes they have a hard time keeping up with me!

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