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Trikke Fitness

Trikke offers a ride that you want to do just for the fun of it, but you have to take seriously because of the incredible fitness benefits you gain from riding. A lifetime of fitness and health awaits.

“From the moment my feet hit the Trikke, my life and my personal training business changed.   WHY?  The Trikke is extremely FUN and extremely ADDICTIVE — so — you use it!  This incredibly fun machine generates an unbelievable desire to find time or make time to do “it” because” it” doesn’t feel like exercise.  As pounds melt away and cores strengthen each client has stories about how the Trikke got them back on track.  The Trikke CV is the most amazing tool in my personal training tool bag — payoff  for me — happy  clients — payoff for my clients — weight loss, increased muscle balance, increased muscle strength, muscle definition, agility, increased stamina, balance and renewed confidence.   How great is that?” – Rebecca Amelung, Owner: Women’s Fitness and Gateway Trikke, St. Louis, MO. Certified Trikke Trainer.

Here are just some of the ways a Trikke can help meet your fitness needs:


Research on the health benefits and energy usage of riding a Trikke

The Hague University Health Study Report

Muscle Groups used – Emporia University Study Report

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