Mobile Dealer

Our Trikke Light Electric Vehicles do best when demonstrated. Once people hop on a Trikke LEV, it is hard to get them off. They want to have the experience. Here is where the sale comes in. They will probably ask to buy one before you have had to say anything. Time and time again, we find this to be the overwhelming sales pattern. Demonstrate, let them try, watch the smile and let them buy!

Why did we create this program? We were asked to! Once you own a Trikke, people will see, ask to try and want to buy. This program was created by the Trikke Enthusiast….and we were happy to say YES!

How do I know if this is the right business for me?
Do you enjoy promoting, customer service, sales and motivating others? Are you able to acquire the basic skills to assemble and service a simple product? Do you appreciate new technology and want to be a pioneer in the area of personal mobility, recreation, fitness and green transportation.

If you said yes to the above questions and have $10K, this is the perfect business for you. Take control of your future now. Achieve the independence and financial success everyone desires doing something that is fun!

Do I need to have a retail store? No, you need to have a Trikke graphic wrapped van or trailer, a canopy, demo models and small inventory to get started. It’s necessary to have a business license, resale certificate and liability insurance. We will offer you all the sales techniques and support materials you need.

We have so much information and support to offer you. If you’re interested, please fill out the brief form below and we’ll get in contact with you soon. We can brainstorm and customize the right deal for you. We are here to partner with you and grow a successful business with you!

Trikke on!

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