NATIONAL RIDING SKKOOL  – Denver , CO – (June 22 - 24, 2018)


Trikke Academy

Trikke Academy is your opportunity to become part of the growing group of people who have taken their interest in Trikke to another level as a Trikke Professional. Trikke Pros are brand representatives who are prepared to answer that questionnaire, what is that thing?, and help people get started bringing Trikke into their life. Trikke Academy will help you grow in your riding skills and knowledge, while preparing to earn money doing something you love. We are now fully into our new Regional Academy structure with 2 awesome locations: Las Vegas / St. Louis. Get started by filling out this Academy Questionnaire. For more information about the Trikke Academy Program, please click here

Trikke National Riding Skkool

Trikke National Riding Skkool is held once a year, and it's all about the body powered ride.  It's a full weekend of riding training classes in proven techniques and exercises that will help take your riding to the next level.  People come from all over the country to participate, it's a great way to make new friends within the Trikke community. You will also benefit from basic tech workshops to help you keep your vehicle rolling at its best.  Get the chance to experience the latest line up of awesome Trikke Elekktric vehicles. This event is a must-do event for anyone looking to improve their riding, and help you get the most out of that thing we call a Carving Vehicle. We always look forward to this event and what makes it great is the people! The only thing missing is YOU. Get started by filling out this NRS Questionnaire. For more information about the Trikke National Riding Skkool, click here

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