About Trikke Tech, Inc.

Trikke was founded in 2000 by inventor/designer/visionary Gildo Beleski to develop, build and market vehicles based on 3points of contact with a cambering (leaning) frame for stability, active (stand-up) riding position, intuitive use and safe handling. The resulting vehicles are powered by the human body, by electric power and by gravity – to ride on pavement, dirt, snow, sand, or water. The goal was to build an iconic brand that resonates with passion for an action sports ride that delivers fluid movement, speed, performance and a joyful feeling of freedom.

Trikke Tech, Inc. is the world leader in 3-point cambering vehicles for commercial and recreational uses, fitness, and personal transportation. Since 2000, Trikke has sold hundreds of thousands of vehicles that utilize its patented cambering technology to enthusiasts worldwide. The product line includes electric vehicles, body-propelled vehicles and the Skki – a downhill snow vehicle.

Trikke is based in Santa Barbara County, California. All of Trikke’s designs originate from its California headquarters where all of the Trikke electric vehicles are assembled and test driven prior to sale. Enthusiasts rave about how Trikke vehicles have made their lives better; ever grateful for their enthusiasm, we strive to keep them excited with improvements and refinements to our vehicles.

Trikke was voted Small Business of the Year by California State Assemblyman, Das Williams, and chosen as one of the Best Inventions of the Year by TIME magazine.

Trikke Technology

Trikke Tech is the world expert in 3-point, standing, carving vehicles. We have been listening to our enthusiasts since 2002 and refining and improving our vehicles’ designs and performance for the best experience possible. From the freedom of movement that our vehicles offer to the portability, we hope that your experience – the user experience – surpasses your expectation. This is the goal of our technology.

Gildo Beleski

CTO, Founder

Founder, designer, the originator of Trikke Technology. Technical Director, Industrial Engineer, car racing enthusiast and an avid Trikke rider for more than 20 years. “I have passion for the ride and would love to let everybody experience it. I’m committed to improving the ride and the performance of our vehicles to a top level. I’m inspired by the auto industry achievements, and I believe in a new era dominated by smart light personal vehicles.

Scott Campf

CEO - Professional Mobility

Broad experience in Law Enforcement and Security markets, manages a group of industry reps for the US and international markets. Very passionate about Trikke vehicles, from a former client to a key team player.

Fred Welch


Fred Welch purchased his first body powered Trikke in 2007 and from that day on he was inspired by what he likes to refer to its eloquent low tech functionality and design. In 2008 he created what is known today as the Trikke Academy, the education establishment for all things Trikke

Ana D’Arace


Manage all day to day business operations for USA headquarters, oversee all administrative operations, inventory and warehousing needs. Handles international sale accounts and special programs helping partners get up to speed in doing business with Trikke.

Cathy Bunke

Accountant, Business Administrator, H&R

Handles all TTI accounting, exceling at advising and resolving everything our business needs.

Marney Ellenbrook

Corporate Sales, Customer Service

One of our oldest team members! Offers Trikke Dealer Support, customer relations, always happy in assisting customers with a lot of knowledge in our products and spreading the love of the Trikke ride.

Jeff Francisco


Talented human sales machine. Since Jeff joined the Trikke team, he talks and breathes “Trikke”.  He has a passion for Trikke products and selling is an easy art for him. Outstanding customer service and promoter of the Trikke brand.

Luciano Araujo

Sr. Product Engineer

Trikke R&D and Mechanical Design since the company's inception. Developed the first design to production models. Physicist, Industrial Engineer, great manufacturing experience  and outstanding Trikke rider.

Mauricio Zanotto

Video Editor

Management of media department. Responsible for all video and media content. Many years of experience with TV and sport related filming and editing.

Gabriel Rodriguez

Assembly Manager

Gabriel does a perfect job assembling and managing assembly team of our Trikke Electric vehicles. Smart, fast and precise work, providing an excellent product assembly with 100% quality assurance.

Mark Marquez


Pablo Moreno


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