A Trikke is a personal vehicle with a flexible frame on 3 wheels, stabilizing it in all conditions, on turns, or uneven surfaces. It’s not a scooter. It’s not a bicycle. It’s not a car. It’s a whole new experience we call “carving vehicles”.


Our CEO, Gildo Beleski, developed the Trikke. A an easy-to-use, personal vehicle with amazing stability, uncompromised performance, and an incredibly fun riding experience.


Trikke is a global company with main production facilities in China. Assembly lines have sprung up everywhere from the USA to the Netherlands to Poland and Brazil.


Every day, Trikke vehicle design is refined, with new models being rapidly developed and improved. We’ve gone from the streets to the snow and from pure sport to full electric… And that’s just the beginning!


Riding a Trikke CV is an exhilarating experience that blends a unique full-body workout with full-speed fun! Arms punching, legs pushing, and your core holding it all together. What better way to move than a ride that gets your body pumping while making it so engaging that you never want it to stop? Even better, it does so while sparing your joints and spine any nasty stress or impact discomfort.

Oh, and did we mention that studies show that riding a Trikke CV at just 11mph burns over 650 calories per hour? Trust us, it won’t seem like exercise--because you’ll be enjoying it too much.



A simple twist of the throttle, and you’re off! Rolling on, carving smoothly, enjoying an adventure while even getting some excellent exercise--but it’ll feel effortless because you’ll be having so much fun. Trikke LEV is easy to ride, ergonomic, and highly stable. The high-discharge lithium battery provides all the power you’ll need to the DC hub-motors (no chain!), and because it’s a Trikke, you can still add body movement to keep on whipping along. Compact enough to easily transport in your car or take on public transportation, this is a prime personal vehicle for the modern world. We dare you to beat that.



Why do people love Trikke?

The Trikke ride is unique. It is a fitness machine combined with fun. It is an electric vehicle with a fitness element. Trikke has many functional advantages over bicycles, scooters and Segways. It is simple and minimalistic. Offers the advantages of the stand-up ride, has the cool factor, it is basically for everybody from 3 to 90.

“I am a 49 year old insulin dependent diabetic. I ride my Trikke on the average of an hour and a half every day. I find it to be an incredibly good way to exercise that helps me to control my blood sugar, plus being extremely fun and invigorating in the process."


"I purchased a trikke about 9 months ago, and I can’t stop raving about it to all my friends and family. I have lost 100 pounds due to diet and your remarkable 3 wheeler to which I use as an exercise machine and i cant tell you how good it makes me feel. "


“I purchased my Trikke 8 after viewing the infomercial on television. It seemed like something that would be a lot of fun and would help me get some much needed exercise. I could not have been more correct. The Trikke8 is a blast and I get quite a good workout."


“I have been recovering from knee damage and knee surgery and consequently was integrated by the Trikke. I suspected that the Trikke would allow me to stay active and yet not inflame the bad cartilage in my knee which is made worse by bending the knee deeply. I saw the demonstration video on your website and immediately recognized that the Trikke was my ticket to freedom from confinement to a sedentary life. "


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