The Trikke is a personal vehicle with an articulated cambering frame with 3 wheels, which maintain constant contact with the road at all conditions, on turns or uneven surfaces. The Trikke is not a scooter, it’s not a bicycle, it’s not a car. It defines a new category: Carving Vehicles.


The Trikke carving vehicle was invented by Gildo Beleski. He designs and develops the vehicles from California, USA together with his R&D team in Brazil based on feedback from the global Trikke market.


Trikke is a global network company with its main production facility in China. Local assembly lines can be found in the USA, the Netherlands, Poland and Brazil.


The development of Trikke vehicles is tuned up and models are being developed and improved rapidly. We went from the streets to the snow and from pure sport to full electric… And there is much more to come!


An intuitive and comfortable ride thanks to the patented three-wheel cambering (leaning) design. The front hub motor propels you to speeds of up to 16mph on the flats(48v model) and lithium ion power supply gets you up to 24 miles on a charge (48v model).

“Flowing, exhilarating all body-movement that provides an excellent workout yet can feel as effortless as flying. The bird’s eye view of the standing position is quite fun and comfortable, including for overweight folk who finds the seated bike position irritating.” Los Angeles Times

“It’s an enormous amount of fun.” Time Magazine

“The Trikke EV’s big point-of-difference is actually that it’s so easy to ride.” Gizmag



"At a twist of the throttle you are up and rolling, carving on wheels, going places, having fun and getting some quality exercise. Trikke LEV is easy to ride, ergonomic and very stable. The high discharge Lithium battery provides plenty of power to the DC hub-motors (yes, no chain), and because it is a TRIKKE, you can still add body movement to propel the system.

Compact enough for bringing with you in your car to extend the fun wherever you drive, or take with you in public transportation. It is by far the best personal vehicle for the modern world. An electric vehicle with fitness benefits that makes you smile. Can’t beat that. "



Why do people love Trikke?

The Trikke ride is unique. It is a fitness machine combined with fun. It is an electric vehicle with a fitness element. Trikke has many functional advantages over bicycles, scooters and Segways. It is simple and minimalistic. Offers the advantages of the stand-up ride, has the cool factor, it is basically for everybody from 3 to 90.

“I am a 49 year old insulin dependent diabetic. I ride my Trikke on the average of an hour and a half every day. I find it to be an incredibly good way to exercise that helps me to control my blood sugar, plus being extremely fun and invigorating in the process."


"I purchased a trikke about 9 months ago, and I can’t stop raving about it to all my friends and family. I have lost 100 pounds due to diet and your remarkable 3 wheeler to which I use as an exercise machine and i cant tell you how good it makes me feel. "


“I purchased my Trikke 8 after viewing the infomercial on television. It seemed like something that would be a lot of fun and would help me get some much needed exercise. I could not have been more correct. The Trikke8 is a blast and I get quite a good workout."


“I have been recovering from knee damage and knee surgery and consequently was integrated by the Trikke. I suspected that the Trikke would allow me to stay active and yet not inflame the bad cartilage in my knee which is made worse by bending the knee deeply. I saw the demonstration video on your website and immediately recognized that the Trikke was my ticket to freedom from confinement to a sedentary life. "


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