Electric Trikke vs. Electric Bike

Which One Should You Consider?

The world has been a bike world for roughly 150 years, so much so that an early rite of passage for many a child is learning how to ride a bicycle. So perhaps it’s only natural that an electric bike comes to mind when choosing a personal electric vehicle. But is it the smartest choice? The greenest choice? The healthiest choice?
Personal electric vehicles, or PEVs, are re-shaping the way the world meets its transportation needs, providing cleaner, more affordable and more efficient mobility.
Relatively new to the field is the battery-powered, three-wheeled Trikke, a personal electric vehicle that offers an outstanding blend of function, performance and design.
In many ways, when compared to one another, the electric Trikke is a world apart from the electric bike:


Riding on an active stand up position is a more natural posture with the spine in perfect alignment and support your natural shock absorbers, the legs. Upper body is firmly engaged as well.

Carving Vehicle

Besides fun, Trikke delivers in surpassing cornering ability, maneuverability, reaction time, higher speed cornering and quicker change direction (swerve). All this translates into improving safety. The maneuverability is at least 50% superior than a bicycle.


The Trikke LEV has much less to maintain and much less to go wrong. No gear shifter, derailleur, sprockets, chain, pedals or seat. No grease parts.


Trikke LEV is quickly folded down for transport. You can easily toss two or even three into the back of an average car. Much more portable than a e-bike

Ease of Use

Hop on and go. You are in balance. It’s easy getting on and off, and you don’t need to step off when stopped. Park anywhere, carry with you – the lightweight and foldable frame is easy to handle.

No seat discomfort

on the Trikke LEV because you are in a standing, active-riding position at all times using your God-given shock-absorbers (your legs) on each turn. No direct impact on the rider’s spine, no numbness or else.

Great Fitness

Trikke vehicles are already a success on fitness arena. The active ride engages the whole body(not just legs) – the vehicle becomes part of your body and the body becomes part of the vehicle dynamics. Trikke LEV is a hybrid and can be propelled with your body as well – you choose how much you want to exercise. Riding on electric power already results in great fitness.

The Ride

It’s like skiing on pavement. Going straight, a slight wave, or deep carving. It’s the joy ride of the century. Intuitive, natural, stable, rithmic and great fun. Yoga on wheels.