History of the Trikke – Who Invented the Trikke and Why?

Undoubtedly the newest rising star in the field of human powered vehicles, the Trikke scooter never fails to amaze anyone who watches its riders zoom gracefully along.
Pedestrians will even stop the Trikke riders in order to satisfy their curiosity. “What makes that thing run?” is the most frequent question. And as soon as someone steps onto the Trikke and experiences its innovative three-point cambering vehicle (“3CV”) technology for him/herself, he is usually unable to stop commenting on the Trikke’s many benefits. “A revolutionary sports, fun and fitness machine…” “…absolutely addicting…” “…closest thing to skiing on pavement” and “…

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Try Out a Trikke in Buellton

Imagine skiing on asphalt or flying on the ground, and then you can begin to imagine the sensation of riding a Trikke, the three-wheeled carving vehicle manufactured in Buellton, soon slated for global recognition and recreation. Somewhere between an electric bicycle, a pair of skis, and a Segway, the Trikke is a motorized vehicle developed by CEO Gildo Beleski, who has been running the 12-person-strong company with wife and business partner Ana D’Arace in their wine-country warehouse/workshop since first developing a prototype in his native country, Brazil. With a new Trikke amusement park scheduled to open in May 2017 outside Guangzhou, China, The Santa Barbara Independent decided it was high time to try out the transport device.

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santa-ynez-valley-newsVehicle built in Buellton basis of theme park planned in China

 An idea born in Brazil and built in Buellton could become the center of a Chinese theme park next year. Construction on the Trikke Sports Park could begin in May outside Guangzhou if the project wins government approval, said Gildo Beleski, inventor of the Trikke and chairman of research and development for Trikke Tech Inc.

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lompoc-record2Vehicle built in Buellton basis of theme park planned in China

 An idea born in Brazil and built in Buellton could become the center of a Chinese theme park next year. Construction on the Trikke Sports Park could begin in May outside Guangzhou if the project wins government approval, said Gildo Beleski, inventor of the Trikke and chairman of research and development for Trikke Tech Inc.

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santa-ynez-valley-starTrikke Tech plans big theme park in China

The Trikke Sports Park would be a joint venture between Trikke Tech Inc., the Santa Ynez Valley-based makers of Trikke carving vehicles, and the newly formed Trikke China, which will promote, sell and distribute all Trikke products in mainland China. “This is important for us because China is, by far, the leader in personal mobility,” says Trikke inventor and Trikke Tech CEO Gildo Beleski.

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Trikke Tech Unveils ‘Freedom’ E-Bike

“Back to the Future Day” on October 21, 2015, came and went without any signs of a truly functional hoverboard. But that didn’t stop Santa Barbara County’s Trikke Tech from unleashing its newest model, Freedom, a three-wheeled electric bike that its inventors hope will become the urban “car” of the future.

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Santa Barbara News-Press

New way to ski  Lean this way, that way, on Trikke, threewheel bike

Gildo Beleski seemed to ski down a Buellton street. He leaned far to the right, then to the left, but never lost his balance.
He did it on three wheels
The 50-year-old Buellton resident developed the Trikke – a special three-wheeled bike. Riders stand on it, placing each foot on a ski-like platform. Each has a rear wheel, and the platforms are connected at the front wheel.

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santa-ynez-valley-newsMade in the Valley

You’ve heard the expression Made in America, but did you know that a growing number of local businesses are making their unique products right here for distribution to consumers far outside the Santa Ynez Valley? Trikke Tech, Inc. , Trikke manufactures three-point cambering or “carving” vehicles for fun, fitness, transportation, and now, even police and security forces.

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gizmagTrikke presents a more affordable way to electric-surf the streets

Trikke has been designing street-carving three-wheelers (and defying English spelling conventions) for 15 years. Its all-new Freedom adds an affordable electric drive to that mix. The sub-US$1,000 electric vessel relies on Trikke’s signature cambering frame to turn motor propulsion into a quick, surfy ride on road and concrete.
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TFLCAR2015 Mopar Electric Trikke – Portable Three-Wheeler [Review]

FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) showcased several vehicles at the Chicago Auto Show this year in a special show preview, and one of them was an unusual personal mobility tricycle of sorts – a stand-up electrically powered trike, and for all of you Mopar® fans who don’t want to or can’t afford to spend the big bucks to own a, fully restored, collectable Dodge Charger, Superbird or HEMI ‘Cuda, have we got a deal for you. Okay, there’s really no comparison, but the 2015 Mopar Electric Trikke (48V) is totally cool and fun to ride, while also serving to provide the rider some exercise and the ability to do execute musclecar style burnouts, but with the front wheel, rather than the rear. Besides that, it’s way more affordable.
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Epoch TImesMake Your Commute Fun and Get Fit

The Pon-e (PON-ee) is the first motored carving vehicle on the market.
A relative of the Segway touring vehicles, but much more dynamic, it combines personal transport with an exercise utility originally designed to help skiers train for the slopes year-round.
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review board magazine logoTrikke 48v Pon-e Review

The Trikke Pon-e 48v Electric Scooter I spent over a year reviewing the the Trikke Pon-E 48v Electric Scooter.  It is by far one of the best recreational/exercise devices I’ve played with in a long time.  When we originally contacted John Simpson in 2012 we told him we would like to check his Trikke out and write a review.  When it came in the Editor Brade Smith went nuts over it and wanted to get it in my hands.  He contacted John Simpson again and said “Hey listen… I know a guy that is really a pretty big guy, he would benefit from the Trikke, but he is over the weight capacity. ” John didn’t skip a beat he said “Go for it”. This is where I get to tell you how well this machine is built.  Most of these electric scooters are made with cheap parts.  When I started riding the Trikke I was about 100 pounds over the weight capacity of the Trikke Pon-e 48v.  I fully expected…
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Summer Exercise Trends Coca-cola5 Creative Exercise Trends to Watch For This Summer

Bike Path Carvers. A self-propelled three-point standing vehicle, the Trikke went viral a few years ago when Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter were filmed riding one during a 60 Minutes profile. “It gives you a workout from your ankles all the way up to your shoulders,” the former president enthused before taking off down the street.
Now there are Trikke riding clubs and fans ranging from tweens to Baby Boomers who like the stand-up option that bicycles can’t offer.
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Los-Angeles-TimesBeach fun gets fitter with new toys and designs

Trikke T78 Deluxe: This new, lower-cost version of the venerable selfpropelled three-wheel “carving” vehicle moves forward by leaning it side to side and pushing off on the outside foot like a skater. It has a steel frame and leather hand-grips.  Likes: Flowing, exhilarating all-body movement that, once coordinated (takes 10 minutes to get the hang of it), provides an excellent workout yet can feel as effortless as flying.
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Electric bike reportTrikke Pon-e 48V Electric “Carving” Trike Review [VIDEOS]

The Trikke Pon-e is a stable 3 wheeled light electric vehicle (LEV) that can lean (carve) into corners and contour to varied terrain with ease.  It has an upright riding position and it is very easy to get on and go.
It is also foldable and portable which makes it useful for commuting on mass transit or taking it in your car for a recreational ride in the country.
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wisTrikke’s may be coming to a city near you

You may have seen them on the streets and taken a second look.
In cities of every size, new ways to get around are getting harder to miss.
“It’s faster than people realize,” said Donald Allen, a safety ambassador with Columbia Yellow Shirts. “It can turn on a dime.” With a top speed of 25 miles, these flashy motorized Trikke’s are helping some law enforcement and security teams like the Yellow Shirts stay ahead of crime.
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turlockTurlock Police Go Green, Ride Trikkes

Sure, cop cars and police motorcycles exude a certain, unmistakable element of cool.
But these days, being green is just as important as being cool.
The Turlock Police Department took the wraps off four brand-new Trikke EV carving vehicles Thursday, which offer a green, all-electric alternative to the old squad car.
“I don’t know what I’m doing,” shouted one officer as she whizzed through an obstacle course during a Thursday training session. “It’s awesome!”
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abcEssentia’s ‘RoboCop’ Makes Security More Efficient

Essentia Security officers have a new Robocop-style way to patrol the 2.3 million square foot medical campus in downtown Duluth. That’s equal to 50 football fields! This TRIKKE helps security respond to emergency situations faster.
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the advocateScooter improves patrols at Acadiana High School

School resource officer foot patrols on the sprawling campus of Acadiana High School are a little easier with a new, three-wheeled vehicle called a Trikke. The Trikke is a compact vehicle, similar to an oversized electric, upright scooter but with three wheels rather than two and two, long foot boards for an officer to stand on as he rides the vehicle. The Scott Police Department purchased the new vehicle a few months ago through a $3,500 donation from Lafayette CrimeStoppers.
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NohawkSanta Barbara Police to Get Their Ride On with Three-Wheeled Scooters

After testing period, SBPD plans to acquire a fleet from Buellton-based Trikke to patrol downtown, waterfront. Prepare to see three-wheeling police officers on the streets of Santa Barbara.After some test runs, the Santa Barbara Police Department has decided to buy electric-powered Trikkes instead of Segways for beat coordinators and officers patrolling the downtown and waterfront corridors.
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independentCops on Trikkes

Soon, Santa Barbara cops will be seen patrolling high-profile areas while riding three-wheeled, electric-powered scooters known as Trikkes and built in Buellton. The Santa Barbara Police Foundation authorized the expenditure of $8,000 to purchase two of these distinctive green energy vehicles. Although the name of the vehicles is causing some heartburn — “We’re calling them ‘motorized interceptors,’” said Deputy Chief Frank Mannix, tongue only somewhat in cheek — the idea is to generate greater visual impact to the officers patrolling downtown, along the waterfront, and on Milpas Street, areas where the demand for beat officers is greatest. Bicycle cops, explained Sgt. Ed Olson, tend to get lost in the shuffle.
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FOX_20NewsBetter Bike Gets You In Shape

Thousands of people across the country are getting fit using a gadget that’s a cross between a bike and a tricycle. It’s  three wheeled machine called the Trikke.
It’s powered by moving your body back and forth and can burn up to 600 calories in an hour. But the tricky part, is riding the Trikke right.
In just six months, Danielle Adams lost 60 pounds thanks to this unique form of transportation.
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gizmagDual-mode transport – the trend accelerates

The Trikke Pon-e appears as a contender in the non-conventional Transportation Appliances, by virtue of a unique riding position and its remarkably low weight of just 17 kg. The lightest of the Pon-e range has a limited range of just 10 miles and a top speed of 13 mph, but the slightly heavier 20.5 kg Pon-e 48V has a top speed of 16 mph and a range of 24 miles (38 km) which makes it viable for a lot of things. The Pon-e’s big point-of-difference is actually that it is so easy to ride – and sooooo much fun that you will actually want to ride it, because it’s an electric carving three-wheeler, and just look at what you can do when you have a bit of confidence.
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Trikke in the news. Good Day LA FOX 11 News. Araksya Karapetyan interviews Trikke’s John Simpson on how the Trikke works, why it’s great for transportation and why it makes such a great workout.
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lompoc-recordBuellton’s Trikke Tech named district’s ‘Small Business of Year

Buellton-based Trikke Tech has been recognized by Assemblyman Das Williams as the 2011 Small Business of the Year in the 35th District. Trikke Chairman and CTO Gildo Beleski and CEO John Simpson accepted the honor from Williams, who won the 35th District seat in November 2010, at a June 6 ceremony in Sacramento.

GP-SoloIt’s Not a Trick, It’s a Trikke!

The device, called a Trikke (pro-nounced “Trike”), looks like a large
tricycle without a seat. You ride it stand-ing up. Instead of pedaling it, however,
you move it by shifting the weight of your body to carve turns with it, much as you would carve a turn on a ski slope. Bottom line, you get from one place to another, get a workout at the same time, and it beats the heck out of walking. Although I knew I wanted to write about the Trikke due to the fact that I firmly believe in the theory of trying to stay in shape and getting some physical exercise to try to keep your body and your mind functioning.

winnebago-schoolTrikkes have arrived in WHS PE

Trikke’s, a combination of a bike and a scooter, have arrived and are being implemented in the Winnebago High School physical education curriculum. The purchase of the Trikke’s was made under the auspices of the Carol White Physical
Education grant. The Trikke (pronounced “trike”) is a three-wheeled cambering (leaning) vehicle that is human powered and propelled by shifting the body from side to side like carving a “S” while skiing.
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the-signal-comTrikke trend takes hold

The Trikkers left the sports center at 10:15 a.m. Saturday, with more than just a few celebratory cheers to begin their ride.
Nearly three dozen three-wheeled riders from the Santa Clarita Valley and other areas of Los Angeles County gathered at the Santa Clarita Sports Complex on Sunday morning for a Trikke ride.
A Trikke is a lightweight, three-wheeled vehicle powered by electricity or the person riding it, event co-organizer and Canyon Country resident Quincy Jeffries said.
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gq-logoTrikke bike to the rescue

A three-wheeled wonder is the answer to getting through nasty traffic snarls.
“It’s a cycle. It’s a bike. Hey, hey hold your horses, it’s a Trikke.” This is a three wheeled pedal-less, chain-less personal mobility and fitness machine all rolled into one. The cambering Trikke was originally built for downhill riding. The inventors soon discovered that the shifting of the rider’s body weight could propel this machine forward. In addition they also have an electric powered one, in case moving around your body weight tends to be an issue for you.
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Time-MagazineJimmy Carter’s Trikke T8 Sport in TIME Magazine

To keep in shape, Rosalynn Carter, 84, and Jimmy, 87, try to ride every day on their Trikkes.
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hubpagesTrikke for Arthritic Hips

Conventional wisdom has it that aerobic exercise and aerobic fitness can be helpful for people with arthritis. My problem then: Swimming, bicycling, and brisk walking put too much stress on my damaged hip joint. And I couldn’t even think about running!
Instead, I ordered a Trikke (pronounced trike). It’s a 3-wheeler, with handlebars and hand brakes. But the Trikke has foot platforms above the small rear wheels, rather than a bike seat.
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geeknewscentralTrikke A Fun (Electric) Ride

If you live in the city or suburbs and are looking for a vehicle that you could ride to work and have fun doing it, then you may want to take a look at the Trikke. As the word indicates the Trikke is a three-wheeled electric vehicle.  Because it has three wheels it is very stable and easy to ride. You simply turn the throttle and go. You can lean into the curves and the wheels never leave the ground. It folds up so you can easily fit it in the back of a car or carry it into the office.
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coolestgadgets-comForget the Segway, ride a Trikke!

I suppose that the Segway industry really has yet to take off, but I like the idea of personal mobility. I suppose I would have to group the Trikke with Segway-style products, but the Trikke has three wheels and not two self-balancing ones.
I got a chance to ride a Trikke at CES 2012, and I found that it was about as difficult to learn as a self-balancing motorcycle. At first, I was a little hesitant to make any sharp turns, but I found that with a little practice, the Trikke is highly maneuverable.
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The-Toy-ManThe Toy Man® Product Guide

The “Trikke EV Tribred Electric Bike” is a consummation of innovative product design, contribution to a fitter body, and productive functionality all rolled up into a three wheeled masterpiece.   In more simple terms, The Trikke EV Tribred Electric Bike is a lithium battery, front wheel powered vehicle geared to serve multiple market segments ranging from general use and sports/fitness, to hotel/resort offerings. Through ski-style movements, the rider creates the momentum for the bike to move forward.
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gadget-wikiTrikke, Fun Three Wheeled Electric Vehicle

Trikke is a company that produces personal mobility products for “active riding”. Its products are somewhat similar to Segway’s products. The company itself became well-known a decade ago, after being featured on the cover of TIME magazine. In the last decade, it has innovated the Sikki, meant for riding on snow and the Tribred, an electric powered version.
Trikke’s vehicles can be used as a green, sustainable means of transportation, especially over relatively short distances within the neighborhood. They can also be used for fun.
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The-wall-street-JournalTime to Learn to Kite Surf … at Age 70

When Louis Gomez, first saw kite surfers on Lake Geneva, Switzerland, at age 65, it didn’t occur to him that he might be too old to take up such a demanding activity. “I told my wife that sport just didn’t exist when I was younger,” Mr. Gomez said. “To heck with that, I wanted to try it because I wanted to do it. It was a challenge.”
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ABC-Ch7Trikke offers fun way to get around, get fit

discovery-newsA Hybrid Three-Wheeled, Electric Fitness Scooter

“Originally, [co-founder Gildo Beleski] was looking for something stable just to bomb hills. He had no idea that this design would propel using your body. And now that the motor and battery technology has gotten so good, it was just a natural to plug them into our frame system.” That need for downhill stability led to a three-wheel design, which eventually lent itself to either a great workout or just a great ride. To exercise the upper body more, push off with a simple leg pump or the cooler looking rock forward method. Weave the handlebars back and forth until you build enough momentum. Then evolve the quick swiveling into a rhythmic swaying motion that mimicks carving like a downhill skier.
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earth-techlingCES 2012: Trikke Tech 3-Wheeled Fitness EV Ride

Way back in 2009 (how the Internet years fly)we introduced you to Trikke Tech and its unique take on the electric vehicle known as the three-wheeled Pon-e. The company fell off our radar until CES 2012, where it said it would be showing at the large consumer electronics event the Pon-e Lite, described as a leaner, more affordable version of its EV.
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WIRED-magazineCES 2012: Day 1 Roundup

When I saw the Trikke, my eyes lit up like a little kid. I’ve been looking for an electric vehicle for tooling around the neighborhood and I think I’ve found it. The Trikke is a collapsible battery-powered trike that is simply amazing to look at. Max speed is about 17mph, I believe, and it charges completely in about 5 hours to provide somewhere between 10 and 20 miles of travel. You can’t tell from the photo, but the thing leans… when you lean to the left, the handlebars that you hold on to bend to the left and allow you to corner fairly sharp.
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forbesTrikke’s New Electric Bike Gets Up To 24 Miles On A Charge

Trikke is ready. They are bringing a new line of electric bikes (they prefer to call them three-wheeled vehicles) to market called the Tribred EV. There are three models inside the Tribred EV line: 48V, 36V and the 36 Vlite for fitness. The Tribred 48V is a top of the line electric bike . It’s powered by a Panasonic lithium-ion rechargeable battery and can get up to 24 miles on a charge. You’ll have plenty of juice to run around town, commute back and forth to work, or do that killer work out. With a 350 watt motor, you’ll get the torque you need to get up a descent-sized urban hill with speeds of up to 16 mph. The Tribred 48V weighs about 36 to 48 pounds including the battery.
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Tgear-Diaryhe Trikke: Cooler Than a Segway

admit, I am totally fascinated by the trend of mashing up bikes with unrelated exercise equipment. I thought the Elliptigo was cool (and the only one I could see someone using in public) until I learned about the Trikke.
What’s the Trikke, you ask? It is an electric vehicle that looks sort of like skis on wheels with handlebars. Like a tricycle meets the ski team. According to the company it is foldable, lightweight, and offers a “full body workout”. It looks incredibly fun, and the company even sells accessories like cargo nets to make running errands on the go super easy! They start at $1299, not cheap, but in-line with a high-end regular bike.
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posted-torontoOn the Town with COC star Mark Doss

It would be hard to miss Mark Doss. Not because he’s an opera star and a Grammy Award winner who graces stages around the world. But because he’s the guy marching through the streets playing a melodica or hurtling through traffic on a scooter.
“You could hear me shouting, ‘Yes! Whoo! Go! You can do it!’ ” the 54-year-old bass-baritone yells. “People are like, ‘What’s wrong with him? Is he having a seizure?’ No, I’m making it up this hill.”
Today, he’s surfing the pavement on his Trikke, a three-wheeled vehicle he first saw on a late-night infomercial 10 years ago. “This is my joy,” he says as he weaves up and down his East York street.
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Uncle orsonTrikke, Emerald Atlas, Cable Confusion

I was visiting my cousins in Los Angeles last week, and we got on the topic of exercise. Years ago, she had first encouraged me to start walking for exercise, but we’re older now, and she’s been having problems with her knees because of the impact of walking.
For many months now, she’s been getting her best exercise using the Trikke. That’s a brand name, not your regular tricycle, and in fact it has no pedals, at least not the rotary kind we’re used to seeing.
The concept came, not from cycling, but from skiing — the hip-swiveling, side-to-side movement of downhill skiers. The inventor was looking for a dry-land device to help skiers stay in shape during the off season with the same muscles they use on the slopes.
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NohawkTrikke Tech Hitting Its Stride, and Picks Up Unexpected Fans Along the Way

The company is on a roll with older riders seeking a fun and economic way to exercise, run errands — even work.
It was five years after the X Games had put extreme sports on the map. Teenagers were taking to slopes and skate parks to test their skills — a market in which John Simpson originally thought his vehicle would thrive.“I thought it would be perfect for kids to take to the skate park and do crazy tricks, but the market that really responded was the baby boomers who wanted a fun way get in shape,” Simpson said.
John Sanchez, a water meter reader for the City of Buellton, says his electric hybrid Trikke has made it easier for him to get around for his job, even cutting down on the time it takes to do it. (Alex Kacik / Noozhawk photo)
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maricopaStill a 3-wheeler, it’s a Trikke

“Talk about a workout, I get on this thing, go around the block and I’m exhausted,” said resident, Robert Reynolds.  “It’s fun though.”
Reynolds recently won a Trikke from his work at Harrah’s Casino, where he goes by the nickname of “Frenchie.” The Trikke looks like a three-wheeled scooter, with one exception—your feet don’t touch the ground. Similar to a motion used in cross country skiing, the Trikke makes riders twist, turn and shove to go forward. Reynolds says he can really feel it working his legs, back and abdomen.
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Los-Angeles-TimesObesity and exercise: Debbie Bumgardner drops the yo-yo diet, picks up a Trikke

Debbie Bumgardner was an overworked 52-year-old legal secretary and frustrated yo-yo dieter from Tarzana who’d gradually cut back on tennis and biking over the years. By early 2010, she was 100 pounds overweight.
A year later, Bumgardner is still overworked and stressed-out. But she’s 70 pounds lighter, which she attributes almost entirely to Trikking.
A Trikke (pronounced “trike”) is a three-wheeled vehicle with foot platforms and upright handlebars that you propel in a standing position by shifting body weight from side-to-side, as if carving “S” turns while skiing.
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Time-MagazineTricycles for Adults

One reason I’m wary of action sports is that I’m a bit of a spaz. I first learned this 45 years ago when, while bicycling, I turned to stick out my tongue at a girl and crashed into a pole. I totaled my three-speed and nearly my body. Since then, I have broken both legs–one skiing, the other playing football. I tried mountain-biking a few years ago and took an epic spill on my first downhill.
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khaleejTimesGizmo Zone: It’s Trikke

Driving the Trikke is mastered in a matter of seconds. All you do is turn the ignition key, twist the accelerator and you’re off. Maneuverability around corners is great and requires minimal talent in taking a stance you would if you were skiing. Its shape means it cannot fall over and can glide over any terrain. There are two speed settings; one for cruising and a second if you’re in a hurry. Its fully collapsible design means it can be picked up and carried and fits easily into car boots. It does get a little tiring lugging around 16 extra kilograms but I would recommend rolling it on its front wheel if for some reason you need to keep it folded.
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The-Boston-GlobeCrikey, what’s that? It’s called a Trikke

Rocketing along the trail, it’s a three-wheeled convoy.
Curled over handlebars on tri-pod-like contraptions, the riders zip and zoom around mountain bikes and racing cycles, 10-speeds with handlebar baskets and low-riding recumbents.
They slalom, they weave, they lean into wide “S’’ curves that devour the flat band of asphalt.
Here they come, a whooshing spectacle.
But they’re not tricycles, not scooters, not skateboards.
Essentially, they’re all three. Known as Trikkes
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Los-Angeles-TimesFun fitness on wheels

Forget the axiom “no pain, no gain.” Whether you’re school-age or middle-aged, fitness can be fun. When you mate wheels and a unique take on forward motion, as do the four innovative products reviewed below, the good times roll for all.
Carve your way to fitness
Trikke T78 Convertible: Newest version of sleek three-wheel vehicle propelled by the standing rider’s side-to-side carving motion.
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kk-CoolToolsThree-wheel, cambering transit

The Trikke is a machine you ride and propel by wiggling your body in a way that’s Zen training on three wheels. It puts into direct use the conservation of angular momentum — if you carry a mass through a turn around a center with a radius that decreases while you’re turning, then your linear velocity will increase. You move the Trikke by leaning and ‘S-turning’ your way through a succession of these turns. The Trikke manages to turn all this physics into a fun ride as well as a no-impact aerobic workout (good for aging skeletons).
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The Emporia GazetteESU department studies benefits of Trikkes

It’s got three wheels and a lot of popularity. But can you get the exercise you need from a Trikke?
Emporia State University wants to find out.
ESU’s physical education department recently received 30 of the human-powered vehicles, along with a research project: find out what muscle groups a Trikke works and how. So on Thursday and Friday, the professors began working with the bike’s producers to hook up riders with electrodes and watch the results.
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gizmagFrom the Trikke to the Skki – product extension of the year

Our prize for the best product extension of the year goes to the company that designs and manufactures the three-wheeled cambering Trikke and has now developed a new snow sport from the design and named it Skki. The Trikke is an ingenious human-powered machine that is both chainless and pedal-less. The rider propels the Trikke by slaloming in a graceful, non-impactful fashion, working the torso and arms as well as the legs to generate speeds akin to that of a mountain bike. The best part of the Trikke is the downhill cornering, where the cambering gives it a carving feel akin to that of a racing motorcycle.
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WIRED-magazineTrikke: Next Big Thing for Kids?

The rider stands atop two platforms over rear wheels and moves it forward with a side-to-side motion, similar to skiing or inline skating. Handles for the dual rear brakes are located on the handlebars.
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Time-MagazineBest Inventions of 2002

Inventor: Trikke Tech
Why settle for two-wheeled scooters when you can have three? The Trikke may look a little silly, with its oversized polyurethane wheels and its odd, swiveling action. But it’s a serious scooter, made of aircraft-grade aluminum (at the same Chinese factory that manufactures the popular Razor scooter), and it offers exceptional stability and dependable, handlebar-mounted brakes. Trikkes are a surprise hit in Hollywood, where Jennifer Aniston, Timothy Hutton and David Spade have all been spotted riding on them.
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