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Trikke Carving Vehicles – a better way to get fit.

Why Trikke carving vehicles?
  • Works Your Entire Body From head to toe, riding a Trikke CV gets your whole body involved. Your arms are punching, your legs are pushing out of each turn and your core is holding it all together – all of which translates into a full-body workout like no other.
  • Provides Great Cardio Exercise What better way to get your lungs and heart pumping than by using your entire body? The Trikke CV gets you moving in a way that’s natural and intuitive and Fun – making you want more.
  • It is a No Impact Workout When riding a Trikke CV, there’s no jumping up and down and landing on your joints repeatedly. In fact, there’s little to no impact at all.
  • A Great Way to Lose Weight Studies have shown that riding a Trikke CV burns over 650 calories an hour while riding at a speed of 11 mph.
  • You Will Find Time to do “It” – because “it” is fun and doesn’t seem like exercise.

A few testimonials below:


Rebecca, St Louis, MO

“As pounds melt away and cores strengthen each client has stories about how the Trikke got them back on track.  The Trikke CV is the most amazing tool in my personal training tool bag – payoff for me — happy  clients — payoff for my clients — weight loss, increased muscle balance, increased muscle strength, muscle definition, agility, increased stamina, balance and renewed confidence.   How great is that?”


Dave, Marvville, MO

“More people need to be enjoying this remarkable way of getting into and staying in shape.  The electric Trikke lets you commute and exercise at the same time (no matter how hilly your ride).”


Shelly, Scottsdale, AZ

“A financial services professional for over 20 years, I allowed myself to be consumed by my career and grew to be more than 100 pounds overweight. Losing the weight without sacrificing my career or social life clicked for me when I replaced my gym membership with super- fun activities like Trikking. Exercise happens almost by accident with Trikke, making weight-maintenance fun.”



David, Broomfield, CO

“Riding the Trikke offers a fun no-impact full body workout that will improve your overall health, and provides definite cross-training effects for balance, rhythm, flexibility, and cardio stamina that will benefit you for any sport in which you choose to participate. There is nothing better than the feeling you get while carving your own path on a Trikke in the fresh air and sunshine.”



Carol, Elkhart, IN

“I lost 40 pounds, regained overall strength and fitness, stopped the pain of arthritis in my knees, and made a ton of new friends who also want to enjoy life, stay fit, and explore new places to ride. I love the curious smiles I get when people see the TRIKKE.  I’m always happy to tell them about it.”



Steve, Goshen, IN

“Being a weight lifter and fitness buff, I was amazed at the cardio, strength, and endurance I achieved in such a short time, but it was the fun of carving and getting out (of the gym) that has become a big factor in my love of Trikke.”



Tara, New York, NY

“Tone and strengthen your entire body. It’s an addiction!  Trikke products are an excellent blend of fun and fitness.”



Jerilyn, Cedar Falls, IA

 “A friend of mine introduced me to the Trikke; it was not love at first sight. I knew I needed some form of regular exercise to lower my blood pressure, take off pounds, and stop that middle age spread.  Walking and riding a bike just wasn’t doing it. I thought maybe this carving vehicle would be the answer.  So, I gave it a try. It turned out to be life changing.  I finally found my answer to a low impact, full body work out. I have increased my core strength so that my lower back does not bother me.  I have toned up and improved my golf game.  This is just the beginning of the health benefits the carving vehicle has to offer.  And it turned out to be fun, fun, fun!!!”



David, Portland, OR

“When comparing fitness programs, the most important element is the fun factor. Trikke riding is up there with the most fun sports on pavement. It feels like skiing, and the amount of gear that you need is very minimal. Trikke is much more beneficial as a cardio routine than bicycling in my opinion because it gets the heart rate up higher in less time, plus it actually tones abs and core, plus gluteus, biceps, triceps, and shoulders. It is much lower impact than running, there is no pavement pounding which can be very hard on aging knees.”

This incredibly fun machine generates an unbelievable desire to find time to do “it” because “it” doesn’t feel like exercise.
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