Trikke has developed an innovative, personal vehicle fit for the modern world. An electric vehicle with health benefits. Green, portable, stable, ergonomic, agile and fun to ride.

  • Benefits of a Trikke LEV
    Besides being cool and fun, the Trikke EV provides at least 50% more maneuverability than an e-bike. The cambering mechanism allows you to lean into a turn, which translates into higher speed around corners, an easier change of direction (swerving) and improved safety.
  • The Ride
    Riding a Trikke is like skiing on pavement, whether you’re going ina straight line, a slight wave or deep carving. The Trikke has been called the joyride of the 21st century. It’s intuitive, natural, stable, rhythmic, and great fun. Some say it’s yoga on wheels. When was the last time you heard someone says that about an electric bike?
  • Stable, Easy to Use
    The Trikke LEV provides the most sure-footed, stable ride available. Trikke’s patented, 3-wheel cambering (i.e. leaning) design corners superbly at fast speeds and is incredibly maneuverable when you need to travel slowly or are negotiating tight spaces. Two wheelers just don’t compare.
  • Lightweight, easy to transport
    Weighing only 42lbs, Trikke EV’s are extremely portable. Toss a couple into the back of the car for further adventuring. Easily load them onto the metro trains or boats.
  • Ergonomics
    Riding in an active position on a Trikke EV allows you to maintain a more nature position, keeping your spine in perfect alignment while giving support to your natural shock absorbers, your legs. Additionally, your upper body is firmly engaged.
  • No discomfort in your back seat
    On a Trikke EV, you’re standing, active-riding position while your legs acts as natural shock-absorbers, which means there’s absolutely no direct impact or numbness to your spine.


The car has become a multi-faceted problem for the urban environment and the planet.


The e-bike is an old concept with ergonomic flaws.


A low cost, portable, small footprint, emissions-free personal vehicle alternative. That is easy and intuitive to use, ergonomic, stable and fun.

  • Great Fitness Machine
    Trikke’s Carving Vehicles have already produced a lot of success stories on the fitness front. The active rider engages your entire body(not just your legs), and the carving vehicle becomes part of your body, while your body becomes part of the vehicle’s dynamics. And since the Trikke EV is a hybrid, you can propel it with only your body as well – you choose how much you want to exercise.
  • Foldable, Easy to Use
    With the Trikke LEV, you simply hop on, start it up and go. You’re already in balance because you’re standing on your own two feet, which makes getting on and off easily. Plus, while stopped, there’s no need to step off the Trikke LEV. Need to park? The Trikke LEV means more options or you can carry it with you. The lightweight frame is foldable and easy to handle.
  • Clean, Efficient, Easy on the Environment
    The Trikke EV produces zero emissions and reduces traffic congestion. You’ll be feeling great about your new ride and about your contribution to a cleaner, better planet.
  • User Friendly Electric Mobility Solution
    The Trikke LEV is the most user-friendly, light electric mobility solution on the market. Riding one is easier than walking. Just step onto its stable, 3-wheeled platform, twist the throttle and go.Weighing only 42lbs, Trikke EV’s are extremely portable. Toss a couple into the back of the car for further adventuring. Easily load them onto the metro trains or boats.
  • Long Lasting
    It’s easy to cover the distance thanks to the Panasonic lithium-ion battery that runs up to 24 miles on a single charge(48v model). You can also quick swap the batteries to run even longer.
  • Simplicity
    The Trikke LEV has no gear shifter, no derailleur, no sprockets, no chain, no pedal, no seat and no grease parts, which means there’s less to maintain and much less to go wrong.


“I’m a relative Old Guy (at 55) and former Surfer, and I had a chance to try out the Pon-e when a friend of mine (Mike Armstrong) brought his by, and it was the most fun I’ve had since I had to stop Surfing 16 years ago.
I’ve been researching modes of Personal Transportation and what I found was, the Pon-e was simple to learn to use, and a natural desire to carve turns was easily turned into a reality, without a single worry of its use being hard to master. I literally just got on it and put it through some test runs in my parking lot to see how it performed/worked (I had never been on anything like it) and it was almost like surfing again (for me).It was a BLAST!!!!!!!”

F. Rupp

“We got 2 of these for roaming around the RV parks we stay at, very quick. They have a cool bag hanger in case you have to run to the store. Also you can buy accessories such as bright LED lights. They even work on grass and gravel, not sure if its recommended though.”

R. Chavarrie

“You don’t even have to think about any other options.
I’ve been an avid motorcycle enthusiasts for 47 years, but the first time I rode the Trikke 48 volt LEV pon-e, I noticed something different . I was smiling, and everytime I ride the Trikke I’m still smiling. I’m having not just fun, I’m having a blast. Blasts are hard to come by at 69. I actually believe this scooter put some more time on my books. Can’t wait to get up and get going for my morning dose of BLAST! I don’t think you could be anything but happy while riding this amazing machine, and it’s so easy anyone can do it in a manner of minutes. Whoever came up with this idea, THANKS for the fun.”

D. Probasco

“It’s not an electric scooter. On a Pon-e, you’re not mere cargo, you’re a cyborg. Your spirit informs the beast you ride. The pricing is low for such high quality machinery. Electric bikes usually start at $2,500, so the Pon-e is far more fairly priced and delivers INTENSE THRILLS. Bikes are riskier to ride, bonk you with repetitive stress injuries, and bore you with the same damned muscle action endlessly droning. 7 cents of electricity gets you 20 miles – a world-class workout.”

Trikke Guy

“My favorite vehicle is the Pon-e 36v Lite, which I consider to be a true hybrid, including the fitness tires and lightweight frame. You can carve it or “juice it” depending on what you need with varying terrain and wind conditions, and so it provides the most latitude in choosing where to ride.”

D. Beerman

“I like to mix it up, using the throttle to augment my body & maintain speed to maximize battery life. This device is way ahead of the curve and has competitors in this market beat.”

P. Smith

You will not regret buying the Freedom it says it in the name I’ve ridden a few diff models an nothing charges like this one. Being so light weight makes carving and trick riding for those more into the freestyle aspect insanely fun an if your just cruising around town it folds up so easy just carry it anywhere u want. I’d recommend one to anyone.””


“I just want to say that Gildo Beleski has knocked it out of the park again with the new “Freedom” Trikke. As much fun as I’ve had over the years with the T12; this improves the fun factor. At first I thought that this Trikke looked too small and filmsy to be a piece of equipment that would work for a 200lb guy like me. When I was carving at 11mi/hr against a 20mi/hr wind at Ocean Beach in SF yesterday, I was blown way. This is the little red machine that could. On the flat surfaces it averages 13-15 mi/hr. Best early Xmas present ever!”

F. Rolek
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