Vehicle built in Buellton basis of theme park planned in China

An idea born in Brazil and built in Buellton could become the center of a Chinese theme park next year. Construction on the Trikke Sports Park could begin in May outside Guangzhou if the project wins government approval, said Gildo Beleski, inventor of the Trikke and chairman of research and development for Trikke Tech Inc.

Trikke Tech plans big theme park in China

The Trikke Sports Park would be a joint venture between Trikke Tech Inc., the Santa Ynez Valley-based makers of Trikke carving vehicles, and the newly formed Trikke China, which will promote, sell and distribute all Trikke products in mainland China. “This is important for us because China is, by far, the leader in personal mobility,” says Trikke inventor and Trikke Tech CEO Gildo Beleski.

Trikke Tech Unveils ‘Freedom’ E-Bike

“Back to the Future Day” on October 21, 2015, came and went without any signs of a truly functional hoverboard. But that didn’t stop Santa Barbara County’s Trikke Tech from unleashing its newest model, Freedom, a three-wheeled electric bike that its inventors hope will become the urban “car” of the future.

Made in the valley

You’ve heard the expression Made in America, but did you know that a growing number of local businesses are making their unique products right here for distribution to consumers far outside the Santa Ynez Valley? Trikke Tech, Inc. , Trikke manufactures three-point cambering or “carving” vehicles for fun, fitness, transportation, and now, even police and …


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