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T10 Special Edition T-shirt

T10 Special Edition T-shirt. Free with purchase of T10.

Please write your preferred size and color at check out.

T10 Commemorative Badge

Receive a special edition badge with your name and chosen serial number when you purchase a T10.

Dealer Support

Trikke Dealer Support Dear Trikke Dealer,   Welcome to Trikke! We’re glad you have joined our family and excited to sell and promote our products.   You can access your ordering/tracking account through our system. You can see orders, tracking numbers, invoices, payments, all related to your account. If you don’t have access, please request …

T10 Roadster

Introducing the Trikke T10 Roadster, a carving vehicle packed with the latest innovations in Trikke engineering. Designed to be a blend of the smaller T8 and the larger T12, the Trikke T10 Roadster replaces both models at the top Trikke Tech’s body-powered, carving vehicle lineup. As such, the T10 is built for long rides and a good workout and will become the largest body-powered frame available from Trikke Tech.

150 campaign backers needed!

The T10 Roadster is available via our 60-day, crowd funding campaign beginning on Friday, July 21, and running until September 19, 2017.
The T10’s regular price is listed at $899, but the discounted price for campaign backers is $810 (with free shipping within the continental United States). The colors of the T10 are still to be determined, but Trikke Tech will take into account the results of a recent social media survey. So far, Black and Blue are the most wanted colors.

A total of 150 backers are needed to bring the Trikke 10 to life—a necessary move, says Trikke CEO Gildo Beleski.
“We need these initial orders to fund the production and initial investment in manufacturing and tooling,” adds Beleski, the Trikke’s inventor and designer known as “G” in the Trikke community. “If we don’t meet the minimum of 150 units pre-ordered, all payments will be refunded.”

  • Free T10 Special Edition T-shirt. Choose color and size.
  • Special commemorative badge for the first 150 backers with your name and chosen serial number.

Trikke presents a more affordable way to electric-surf the streets

Trikke has been designing street-carving three-wheelers (and defying English spelling conventions) for 15 years. Its all-new Freedom adds an affordable electric drive to that mix. The sub-US$1,000 electric vessel relies on Trikkes signature cambering frame to turn motor propulsion into a quick, surfy ride on road and concrete.