Marney Ellenbrook

One of our oldest team members! Offers Trikke Dealer Support, customer relations, always happy in assisting customers with a lot of knowledge in our products and spreading the love of the Trikke ride.

Cathy Bunke

Handles all TTI accounting, exceling at advising and resolving everything our business needs.

Gildo Beleski

Founder, designer, the originator of Trikke Technology. Technical Director, Industrial Engineer, car racing enthusiast and an avid Trikke rider for more than 20 years. “I have passion for the ride and would love to let everybody experience it. I’m committed to improving the ride and the performance of our vehicles to a top level. I’m …

John Simpson

Early adopter, co-founder. Surfer, musician and talented Trikke rider. “Once I rode it the first time, I realized what I would like to do professionally: Promote the trikke ride, using my natural marketing instinct, meeting people, make the world a better place and have tons of fun doing it.”

Fred Welch

Fred Welch purchased his first body powered Trikke in 2007 and from that day on he was inspired by what he likes to refer to its eloquent low tech functionality and design. In 2008 he created what is known today as the Trikke Academy, the education establishment for all things Trikke

Ana D’Arace

Handles international sale accounts and special programs. Helping partners get up to speed in doing business with Trikke.

Anna Maria Vargas

Our newest member of the Trikke family. Offers Trikke Dealer Support, customer service always happy in assisting customers’ needs and building relationships.